Hello, I’m Stacey! Welcome to my little part of the world.

Hello, my name is Stacey. I live in a small town in Wales with my wonderful husband and our brilliant son.

I am the one woman operation that is Stacey’s World… with the exception of my husband that very kindly helps me with the technical side of my website.

I fell into Stacey’s World quite by accident. It began as a blog, a place to show off my handmade cards.

I had huge plans to take over the world one handmade card at a time.

I had a few successes. I made sample cards for a crafting shopping channel. I also had my work published in Magazines. I loved making cards, but when I had Hunter, my messy cardmaking supplies were put away.

Being a new mum took up my time but as a creative I still needed an outlet that was less messy, so I turned to clay. Honestly I had tried it before and I was rubbish but I am nothing if not stubborn!

I gave it another go and it was less horrible. The more I played the better I got. One day I decided I wanted to share what I had made on social media and someone wanted to buy it! It snowballed from there and my little blog turned into something a bit bigger. Eventually Stacey’s World turned into a real life business and nobody was more surprised than me and if I am honest it is now far messier than cardmaking ever was!

I work mainly in miniature with a special interest in kawaii style clays.

My small embellishments are the main focus of my day to day business but very few things give me as much joys as creating Fairy Doors. I have been given some wonderful design briefs over the years but my customers never fail to challenge me. I also take everyday mugs and I decorate them taking them from mundane to marvellous.

As well as embellishments, doors and mugs I create wedding cake replicas, cake toppers and personalised decorations. Basically I love to have a go at most things!

Working with polymer clay is the perfect outlet for my creativity and it is such a privilege to create art that people enjoy enough to purchase. It’s a gift I’ve never taken for granted.